The Orton Effect

Until some time last week, I had heard of the Orton Effect and sort of knew what it did, and I was aware that some landscape photographers and many woodland photographers processed their work to gain a sort of dreamy effect without really softening the focus too much. I hadn't clicked that this was, in … Continue reading The Orton Effect


Faced with an ailing smartphone and the need to replace it before it died, I decided to go iphone this time. Not iphone x, I hasten to add. I am a poor musician and photographer and the iphone x is more than I am willing to invest. Not even iphone 8 or 7 but back … Continue reading Iphoneography!

Little People

Am I alone in trying to find the anthropomorphic character in a flower or plant? There is no doubt that plants are living things and that each flower is unique just as every person is unique, but sometimes there's something in a single bloom that bears more than a passing resemblance to a person. A … Continue reading Little People