Flower Photography and the Wimberley Plamp

I have been promising to get back to my blog for some time and to get round to reviewing some of the kit I use on a daily basis. Trouble is, life always gets in the way. But here I am, almost a year after my last post, finally getting the time to return to … Continue reading Flower Photography and the Wimberley Plamp

Camera Gear – what do I really need?

So what camera gear do I really need? All of it, of course 🙂 Seriously though, what do you really need? As camera manufacturers and developers scramble to cram the most megapixels possible on to a sensor, or offer a ridiculous amount of multiple exposures in-camera, or tell us that we need to go mirrorless … Continue reading Camera Gear – what do I really need?

Little People

Am I alone in trying to find the anthropomorphic character in a flower or plant? There is no doubt that plants are living things and that each flower is unique just as every person is unique, but sometimes there's something in a single bloom that bears more than a passing resemblance to a person. A … Continue reading Little People