You Know When I Said You Don’t Need Lots of Gear . . . . ?

Oh dear.

Almost straight after I had completed my previous blog post in which I talked about whether you need all that gear to take the photos you want to take, my partner bought me a Fuji X-T20 for my birthday. Of course, I could have said, ‘No, Rob. I don’t need that camera for I already have my Nikon and an Olympus’. I didn’t, of course. I said thank you very much and began the shopping list of gizmos I would need to go with it.

The soft shutter release was shiny so I needed one of those, and the camera is quite small compared to a Nikon D750 so I would need a grip, and of course, I needed adapters for the vintage lenses I use because my existing ones were for the Olympus micro four thirds system and now I had to think it terms of Fuji X which meant new macro extension tubes too.

Oh dear.

I do also use a remote shutter release when I’m working with a tripod too so I added that to the list.

Oh dear.

The only downside with the camera, as with the Olympus, was the electronic viewfinder. I have the same problem there as I do with mobile phone screens in bright light – ie – I can’t see. No problem! There is a gizmo that slots into your hotshoe and provides a nice little eyecup – which also helps against the old ‘noseprint-on-the-screen’ situation. Seriously – this one is a bit of genius and works fabulously.

I then realised I could get a tilt adapter for the Fuji too.

Oh dear.


The genius eyecup – and you can see the shiny shutter release knob too


The vintage lens attached via a macro extension and a tilt adapter and sporting the combined grip/L bracket


and a flirtatious tilt of the lens thanks to the tilt adapter. It’s a bit of a Health Robinson affair but it works a treat!

But there is a positive to all of this. Rob now has an Olympus. Oh, and once I have bedecked the camera in all of its absolutely necessary gadgetry, I can also take photos with it 🙂

poppies sig

And obviously, I couldn’t have done that without all of that new stuff 😉

See you next time when I promise I will not have found any other ‘must have’ gadgets. I hope.


Author: Sue Woollard – Capers with a Camera

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