Spring – I hope

I love trees. Well, who doesn’t? Visiting Clumber Park again recently for a few days reminds me that there are good reasons for the oak to be held as a symbol of sturdiness and might. Clumber Park is very close to the heart of Sherwood Forest, and very close to Major Oak, the tree that is said to have been used by Robin Hood and his band of outlaws as a meeting place and sleeping place way back in the 1190s and it is indeed a mighty oak. It has a girth of 10 metres and is somewhere close to 1000 years old. I closed my eyes for a second and wondered if it would be possible to wish Robin Hood back into existence so he could come and get us out of the Tory shit-heap of a mess out country is in? Maybe not . . . but you can’t help but succumb to the romance of standing beneath a tree that has shed its leaves hibernated and then re-awoken every spring for 1000 years! Whether or not the tales of Robin Hood are factual, that tree is a legend in its own right!

Having only seen 55 springs must explain why I still get excited by it. I mean, compared to that tree, I’m very new to all of this 😉

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