If you’ve followed my page at any point, you’ll probably get that I love using textures on my photography. Although I do buy textures from other artists, making them for myself seemed like a logical, creative process. My textures are now for sale at my brand new Etsy shop and I’d be thrilled if you’d take a look. Each collection consists of 8, high resolution textures (usually 6000×4000 at 300ppi) and rather than being one texture in several colourways, they are all unique textures so if you prefer to desaturate, you will be getting 8 different textures.

There’s 10% off each set for the first 7 days of its listing and then it reverts to its full price. In addition to the Etsy page where I sell the textures, I have a youtube channel that is just starting out in which I show you how to use the textures so if you’re a first-timer, grab a collection and watch the videos on youtube to get you on your way.

Both sites are very new so please stop by regularly to check for updates.

Please visit my Etsy shop for details or to purchase.

Visit my brand new Youtube channel for info on using textures

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