I Failed Again!!

So much for writing on my blog regularly!

What happened?

Well – Summer happened. I ended up so busy out and about with a camera in between working on a project with my partner to repair the caravan that we bought – which is a long story but if you buy a second hand caravan, take a damp meter with you to save you having to strip part of the interior, rebuild the framework and replace the wallboards. We now have a cracking little caravan that I can use as a base for photographic expeditions. Along the way, my partner learned some new skills – and I learned some new expletives so all’s well.

And now autumn is here and I’m still shunning the computer and disappearing outdoors to capture the awesome colours and moods of this time of year.

And in the meantime, I have learned new tricks, acquired new gear and found new places and none of them have been mentioned here. Note to self – must try harder!!!!

2 thoughts on “I Failed Again!!

  1. My blog is supposed to be a daily blog though I had a long blogging break due to real life issues.

    Well, the good thing for you is that you used that time productively and learned some new stuff. That’s the important thing.

    Blog on.


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