Faced with an ailing smartphone and the need to replace it before it died, I decided to go iphone this time. Not iphone x, I hasten to add. I am a poor musician and photographer and the iphone x is more than I am willing to invest. Not even iphone 8 or 7 but back in time to iphone 6. Browsing through the specs convinced me that it has all I need and the camera is more than ok so it was a done deal. AND, not even a new iphone 6 but a used one for a very respectable price. I never can understand why people turn away from used goods when there are some amazing bargains to be had!!

So, armed with this new ‘camera’ off I went. I have to say, I am very impressed. Sharp colours, an option to shoot square shots (very instagram friendly) and an option to shoot slow mo which was a hoot when I shot Rob yawning!

Its usefulness has been immediately apparent. I was visiting a garden yesterday and as usual, I had on a long lens – the owners of these gardens aren’t keen on loopy photographers trampling their borders so a long lens is necessary – when I spotted a lovely opportunity to catch the top of the house and the herbaceous border – but not with a long lens and I didn’t have a suitably wide lens with me. My ‘flower’ kit rarely needs a wide lens so I wasn’t carrying one at this time. But hang on though – I had my phone.


iphone shots-0035June 27, 2018-15

A shot I wouldn’t have been able to get if I hadn’t had my iphone in my pocket. Bearing in mind the fact that with this level of sunlight I hadn’t a chance of seeing the screen, it was nice to be able to poke the screen to focus roughly on where the house was and trust the phone to do the rest!

And later in the day, an opportunity to take a wide shot to omit the cars parked next to this lovely old barn:

iphone shots-0035June 27, 2018-39

Now anyone who is familiar with my work will know that I like lensbaby lenses, and I like use textures in post production. No problem. Lensbaby makes iphone lenses and there are a ton of apps out there for editing on an iphone. I also discovered the Olloclip lenses. For an older iphone, these are a great second hand buy from a famous internet auction site! I have already sourced the standard 4-in-1 lens and the ‘active’ lens so I have everything from 2x telephoto to 15x macro to fisheye-type wide.

But then, this morning, I discovered the icing on the cake in that if I plug my iphone into my computer, I can import my photos into lightroom just as though the iphone was another camera. I learned this courtesy of a great Youtube video by Tim Grey – well worth a look here. And of course once they are in Lightroom, I can send them out to any of my regular software packages and do what I like to do with photos.

iphone shots-0035June 27, 2018-12-Edit-Edit

So, although I’m not on a commission from Apple – I’m happy to say that you should go buy an iphone if you want a really powerful compact camera!!! And especially if, like me, you use a macbook and imac. So much easier when all of your devices speak to each other!!!

Now I’d better go and spend some time with my ‘real’ camera before it shuns me!!


Author – Sue Woollard – Capers with a Camera

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