To Fiddle – or not to Fiddle?

No – Im not talking about violins here. If you had ever heard me try to play one, you’d realise that will always be a no! I am talking about editing – ‘creative’ editing to be precise.

I think we now acknowledge that if you shoot in raw, you need to do some kind of editing once you take the shot from camera to computer. But where does it stop? Where should it stop? Well, in my very humble opinion, that answer to that must lie with the individual artist. After all, isn’t photography an art form?

There is a lot to be said for getting as much as possible right in camera. That is a huge skill in itself. I enjoy the whole process of shooting in manual mode and playing with speedlights – and I equally enjoy managing to capture what I want to capture with only natural light. But then sometimes, I shoot with the intention of editing creatively to bring out certain aspects of the subject. That said, I usually try not to change too much. I have the greatest of admiration for artists like Brooke Shaden and her achingly beautiful composites, but what I don’t have is her patience or her extraordinary vision. However, if I can spend a few minutes editing and enhance what I already captured in order to enhance what it was that drew me to the subject, I’d be crazy not to – wouldn’t I?

I’ll leave it with a couple of ‘before and after’ example and leave it to you to decide. Where do you stand on the subject of editing?

Author: Sue Woollard

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